Doll Gallery


Doll information:


I mainly produce adults and young children, but also babies and adolescents are part of my repertoire.

My jointed dolls entirely consist of porcelain and have 13-14 joints. Head, chestplate, arms and legs of my other dolls, including the miniature dolls are made of porcelain. The body is  made of nettle and firmly stuffed with kapok. For ethnic dolls the cloth is coloured before. A wire frame inside the dolls body ensure a better "posture" and "flexibility".

The wigs consist of human hair or mohair and are manufactured according to my information. Mouth-blow-crystal-glass-eyes from Lauscha are used for the eyes. The shoes are made of leather and the clothing is designed and tailored by me.

I produce some doll models as "Vario-Series" in a very small limited edition, at which clothes and styling can vary a little. In this way every doll fancier gets a doll with an individual aura.

If you want to know more about an individual object,  you can write me an email.




Quotation by Anatole France:


"I belief in the immortal soul of the dolls.

There is something divine in them,

how small they ever may be.

They do not live like us -

nevertheless, they are alive."