Exhibitions, Awards, Publications



1987     Amsterdam/NL:    Guildmaster, -best score- (DollGuild)

1990     Neuss:                   1x Gold, 2x Silver, (Euro Doll)

1990     Polch:                    Exhibition in the "Museum of local history"

1991     Wesseling:            Exhibition in the Tow Hall

1991 +

1992     Wiesbaden:           3x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze, (Euro Doll)

1992     Hamburg:               1 Rosetta, -best score- (EDG)

1993     München:              Exhibition in the "Atelier Puppenfee"

1993 +

1994     New York/USA:     Exhibition in the "One of a Kind Salon",

                                             (Dollmakers originals Intl.)

1994     Sindelfingen:        3x Gold, (Euro Doll)

1999     Neustadt:               "Menschen(s)kinder", Special-Exhibition in

                                             the Museum of the German toy industry  

1999 +

2001     Mühldorf:               "Festival of Doll Art", Exhibition in the


2005     Mömbris:                2x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Audience Award 

                                             1x Audience Award (GDS)

2006     Bad Camberg:       Exhibition of "VeP" in the Amthof Gallery 

2007     Mömbris:                2x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Audience Award (GDS)

2007     Oberhausen:         Exhibition "Enchanted iron" in the 

                                             Rhineland industrial museum

2009     Krombach:            3x Gold, 2x Bronze, 1x Jury Award (GDS)

2011     Hanau:                   4x Gold, 2x Audience Award (GDS)  

2011     Hanau:                   Exhibition of "VeP" in the "Hessisches-                                                                 Dollmuseum"

2011     Lüneburg:             Exhibition of "VeP" in the "Bells house"

2013     Hanau:                   Exhibition of "VeP" in the "Hessisches-                                                                 Dollmuseum"

2014     Thüringen:           3x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Audience Award, 

                                            1x Special Award, (GDS)




1992     annual participation in the "Doll Art" - Exhibition in Frankfurt,

             Darmstadt and  Hofheim a. Taunus

2005     annual participation in the "VeP" - Member Exhibition in

             Neustadt b. Coburg

 ---        Participation in the "Artist Dolls Exhibitions" in the

             Castle Reinbek

 ---        Participation in the Special Exhibition for Artist Dolls of the 

            "Gallery Young Classic" in Kreessbronn/Bodensee



Publications in Books:

"Yearbook of Doll Art", 1991,    

"Yearbook of Doll Art", 1993/94,

"Kunstform Puppe / Dolls - a special Kind of Art", 2001,


Publications in Magazines:

"Dolls & Co.", 03/1998,      

"1 to 12 - the magazine", 29/2006,

"Dolls & Toys" (P&S), 6/2008,       

"Dolls - Puppen",  6/2009,

"Dolls & Toys" (P&S), 11/2014,