About me

I was born in a small village close to Königswinter at the Rhine and I grew up in Cologne. Today, I am living together with my family in the harsh but also beautiful Westerwald.

I am member of the "Doll Artisan Guild" (DAG)  and the

"Global Doll Society" (GDS).


Art has always been a natural component in my life. My desire, to make a porcelain doll according to my own ideas, was fulfilled in 1987  -  after two years autodidactic preoccupation with the production of dolls and the purchase of an own kiln.

The "dolls fever" has gripped me and has not let me go since then.


When making dolls I am fascinated by the constant and intensive work process. This already starts with the first idea. Afterwards, the idea is gradually made to come alive by using the material platicine and is later completed step by step in porcelain by painting and clothing. It is a slow and intensive growing together of idea, creation and me.

My dolls, which should be seen as artistic fantasy creatures, are usually one-of-a-kind and individual pieces. They are designed and made with much love and a lot of time. I often take motives and ideas out of fairytales and legends, but also theatre, opera, paintings and photographs are sources of inspiration for me.

Meanwhile, I  also have developed my passion for miniature dolls. In this way I can realize my dream to form little, magical and romantic scenes with my little dolls.


It is something nice to deal with things, that give you happiness and self fulfilment and also please other people.